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Appearing in the November 2005 Shooting Sports USA magazine is a very good article about!  Written by Eric Poole, the article can be seen below.
By Eric R. Poole

A newly developed shooting website is being offered at that allows shooters of various disciplines and skill sets to realistically develop and challenge their abilities. Created by Erik Dahlberg from Denmark and supported by Webmaster J. Scott Doyle, the Eurosimulator is unique in that it offers a free, fun, challenging and educational method to learning fundamentals of shooting through a gaming media. Eurosimulator currently offers seven lanes for shooting rifle, semi-automatic pistol, and revolver.

Basic rifle is a ten-round string shot on a simulated indoor range at 15-meters using a tradition aperture sights. Advanced rifle is shot in similar conditions but requires the shooter to learn how a real rifle behaves under realistic circumstances.

Basic pistol is a ten-round string fired on a simulated indoor range at 15-meters. Once a shot has been fired, a telescopic view shows the point of impact. Scores appear on the board to the right. Advanced pistol increases the shots fired to 30 and requires the shooter to learn how a real pistol behaves under realistic circumstances. Advanced Pistol Outdoors is a new program that puts the shooter against outdoor conditions at 25-meters. Once a shot has been fired, the shooter is read shot placement and their score through an electronic target scoring system growing in popularity throughout the world.

Basic revolver is offered in both outdoor and indoor simulation. The 15-meter lane indoor simulator allows a shooter to fire 6 rounds for record. After each shot, a telescopic view shows the point of impact on target with scores appearing to the right. The outdoor simulator places the shooter randomly 20-90 meters away from steel, reactive targets. Field practice with a six-shot revolver can be shot with various backdrops.

“The basic [idea] in my theory for making these lanes was that instructors could actually see how the shooter aimed, thereby making the necessary adjustments fire a good round.” It’s been three years since Erik Dahlberg launched this program, a website every shooter should take advantage of.

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